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Is a loving God the root of all evil?

Wednesday, October 16th, at 7:00pm.

Why did a personal, loving God create a world in which evil exists? Why did God give man the freedom to commit evil acts? atheists reason, "Surely, an all-knowing God of love would not allow evil to exist in His world.

So we must ask If God is real, and God created everything, why did He create evil?

or most of the time this is where an atheist would go especially if we have logically established the undeniable to the reality of God's existence.

Coming from India I have seen unimaginable amounts of depravity and evil and experienced a little bit of it. I'm sure some of you have been through very difficult circumstances of pain and suffering. Even if you are a strong believer and that your ultimate and full hope is in Christ our Lord, you may have wandered into territories of the questions of the existence of evil in a universe where God is all-powerful, all-loving and all-knowing and yet...

How do we answer this question of creation?

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